"Return of the Aramean People"

Supported by Nisibin Foundation

(A film by Anja Reiß)

"Tur Abdin" is the name of the motherland of the Aramean Christians
in South-East Turkey, not far from the Syrian border. It used to be one
of the first settlement area of the Christians, but now the Christians
are a small minority here. The most Aramean Christians escaped from
war, violence and repression - to Germany as well. Now some exiled Arameans want to return from Göppingen to South-East Turkey to save their cultural heritage and to rebuild the destroyed villages. We follow them on their way to the motherland and document the struggle for the saving of the millenary old culture.



Idea and concept: Anja Reiß
Director: Anja Reiß
Camera: Pedram Noutash and Markus Nestroy
Editor: Jann Anderegg
Producer: Leonid Godik
Co-Producer: Márk Szilágyi
Music: Özgür Akgül

Documentary 62 min, 2012
Produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Land: Turkey/Germany
Language: German/Aramaic/Turkish/Kurdish
Subtitel: German/English/Turkish/French/Aramaic

1. Prize "Primus Truber" Young Talent Award/CFF Filmpreis DAVID 2015

Dokumentarist Istanbul 2012, AMED Filmfestival, Diyarbarkir 2012,
Vision du reel, market 2012, Nar Sanat 2012, Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico,
nominated Paolo Orsi Prize 2013, Trento
nominated Golden Panda in two Student-Categories:
"Best Documentary", "Best Director" at Sichuan TV Festival 2013, China

Broadcasted on Phoenix 28 of March 2013


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Trailer: http://vimeo.com/37676337