"The Lost Devonian"

(An animated film by Anja Reiß, Jennifer Bury und Alexandra Bergmann)

400 Million years ago the first underwater creatures inhabited the seas. Fighting for survival. The Lost Devonian is a scientific project that is reconstructing ancient fossils by using 3D animation technics, telling a short story about the circle of life.




Idea and concept: Anja Reiß, Jennifer Bury and Alexandra Bergmann
Director: Anja Reiß
Script: Barbara Anticevic
Camera: Felix Meinhardt
Editor: Jann Anderegg
Producer: Martin Backhaus
Head of Animation: Jennifer Bury
Animation: Jennifer Bury and Linus Stetter
Modelling: Jennifer Bury and Christian Hertwig
Technical Director: Parzival Röthlein, Björn Mantelars and Thomas Hartmann
Music: Maik Oehme

Animated film 2 min., 2011
Produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Supported by the Karl-Steinbuch Schoolarship 2011
In development to a 360 degree project

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/42709654